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Is a different way to enjoy the wedding in the family. A digital platform made for attendees that can’t join the wedding in person. A cameraman will be live from the wedding sending emotional feed on the customized wedding event page. The attendees can watch a private live stream or join a Zoom call where they will be able to partecipate with their camera and microphone.

Wedding Digital Invitation Mail for Attendees

Attendees will receive the wedding invitation via mail and they will join trought a link the digital weeding event. At the entrance, on the event page they will insert the invitation code received via mail.    

Customized Wedding Event Webpage

Attendees will land a webpage. Is fully customizable. There will be the Live stream section, some pictures and video of day and much more. 

Live Photo & Video album

In this section, during the wedding day, there will be emotional pictures and moments.  

Donation from Attendees

If requested, is possible to insert a donation button on wedding event page.

“How it works? The technology behind the magic

1- Live Feed from the Weeding

A cameraman will follow the event. Just one person, no assistant needed. It could be also a crew member of the photographer team. We will provide him all the equipment. 

2 - The Control Room

The feed from the event will be processed in our control room. We will take care of graphic template, titles and offline moments. The control room is located in the headquarter

Attendees Premium Support

An English/Italian customer chat support will be available for all needs in the weeding event page.

No Internet Connection Required

Internet connection is no needed. We will use multi-sim systems based on 3G and 4g technology

“Just the Ceremony or the Whole day? Pricing

“Do you need some Extras?

Additional Cameras

Give to the virtual Attendees more point of views. Make a more emotional live storytelling with additional cameras

Live Enterteiner

During the live streaming  an enterteiner will show to the virtual Attendees the emotions of day. 

Zoom Booth

A corner with a screen will be placed at the restaurant. A nice way to be in touch with the virtual Attendees. 


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